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Posted on: November 20th, 2015

The Superior ‘die set’ configurator is now available through our 3D CAD Link system.

Access to the 3D die set configurator is made either through: our home page CAD Link button located at the top right corner, our digital edition Master Catalog die set rendering button, or scanning the appropriate QR code (next to the rendering).

Access from Superior’s Home Page

Access from Superior’s Digital Edition

Important instructions to properly use the 3D CADlink system are located on the inside cover page of our Master Catalog.  Please follow these short but imperative steps.

Upon reaching the configurator entry screen, you will notice a series of questions that will be used to determine the rendering.  These questions MUST be answered in session from top down for proper component calculations.  The questions may change based on previous answers (ie  cages are not required on friction die sets).  Also, certain questions are answered via ‘pull-down’ menus which offer only options for proper die set configuration.  This is best exemplified by the ‘Diameter of Component’ which is based on ‘Plate Thickness’.  The system will not allow a pin diameter less than the thickness of the plate.

Also, the system will automatically generate optional component lengths but will default the longest available to maximize engagement.  You can shorten these lengths, but not choose any that will crash the die.

Once completed, the 3D rendering includes all the plates, components and even demountable bushing clamps if applicable.  The user then chooses the format and version to download the image to their computer.  Another key feature is the ‘Request for Quote’ option found just below the rendering.  This sends an e-mail message directly to Superior with pertinent die set quotation information for fast processing.

The Die Set Configurator is so dynamic that completion will be endless as we apply such options as metric, Type D, inverted, bosses and even wear plate systems.  We will keep you notified of improvements when available.  Any suggestions are welcome.


Superior’s 3D CAD Link Configurator

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