Unscrewing Molds Made Easy! 

Made in the USA, Threadformer™ unscrewing devices provide a very simple solution to complex unscrewing molds. Precise, sturdy and cost-efficient, they reduce production and labor costs by consistently delivering reliable, trouble-free service, on time.

The Threadformer is ideal for low-cavitation jobs. It takes on the difficult task of unscrewing molds without compromising the part and delivers maximum accuracy without any hassle. With a compact, yet highly powerful hydraulic motor, the Threadformer provides the high torque needed while providing a positive core stop to deliver optimal precision.

Easy to install and operate, the Threadformer also comes in a right-angle unit for water cooling or upstanding cores.

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  • Telescope guide system provides compact design
  • Powerful hydraulic motor for rapid unscrewing action – 3 different, interchangeable motor options available depending on torque vs. speed demands (8, 32 and 50 bar)
  • Demolds both right and left-hand thread
  • Supports long thread depths, pitches, and types – unscrews to 70mm
  • Compact single, twin, right angle, mini and multi-unit drive unit designs
  • Require minimal maintenance for high-production use
  • Offer retrofit option for new or existing injection molds
  • Can be mounted at any angle or within the mold – with only 2 bolts
  • Repeatable, precise core stopping ability within .001” or better – each unit uses high-precision magnetic field sensors, and thread depth is determined by a fixed stop on the mold – signal adapter transmits sensor signal with delay, preventing occurrence of switching inaccuracies
  • Also available in special versions, e.g., with extended core holder and matching heat insulation plate
  • The unscrewing devices are rated for operating temperatures up to 70°C (158 F)

For higher mold operating temperatures see the NEW Core Cooling and Insulating Plates below.


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