With over 150,000 square feet of factory floor in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Superior Die Set has extensive manufacturing capabilities to rapidly respond to a wide range of projects, large and small, all under one roof. Superior has impressive capabilities backed by over 90 of years’ experience, serving the greater manufacturing industry. Explore below to learn more about how Superior can help you hold the timelines, tolerances, and budget on your next project.

Torch & Plasma Cutting

Offering both Oxy and Plasma cutting on 5 different machines with full CNC controls and nesting software, Superior offers a range of cutting capabilities from 1/8” to over 12” thick. Shape cuts, burnouts, ramps, and more, are possible with precision not usually available on flame-cut steel plate. +/- 0.030 is typical torch-cut tolerance on 2” thick plate. So let Superior start the spark on your next cut-plate project.


Water-Jet Cutting

New Water-Jet Cutting at Superior offers a range of cutting material capabilities from Steel, aluminum, glass, copper and others on our 6 x 13 cutting table. Water-Jet Cutting specializes in such features as: +/-.005″ tolerance, intricate precision cut geometry and internal cut openings, with no heat effected cut zone.


Stress Relieving & Tempering

Our stress relieve oven is 4′ x 8′ x 16′, car type design for easy load accessibility.

Tempering furnace available for our in-stock pre-hard alloy steels, to soften flame hardened edges.

Vibratory Stress Relieving gives unlimited size capabilities for special application not suited for thermal applications. The Acceleramator scans the structure of the fabrication from 0 to 6000 RPMS. Then creates a chart identifying the unique stresses to that structure. The stress relieving process is vibrated at the stress points identified in the scan.



Our certified weld team is capable of MIG, TIG, Submerged arc, Carbon arc, and stick welding. Weighing up to 30 tons, weldments of steel plate and structural tubing are manufactured with filet welds up to 2 inches. Shot blasting is also available on-site for an optimal weld penetration. Leverage Superior’s welding with other in-house capabilities for your next fabrication project.


Painting & Shot Blasting

Our Paint Booth is 10’ x 30’ x 12’ tall and is designed to provide superior lighting with a clean & controlled ventilated work area for safe paint applications. Prime and finished painting application including: powder coating, and electrostatic which produces a smooth and streak-less finish.

Shot blasting is ideal for scale removal, pre-weld treatment and for prime and finished painting preparation. Shot Blasting is also available on-site for an optimal weld penetration.


With over twenty grinding machines under one roof, Superior Die Set knows how to put the wheel to steel. Superior’s standard tooling tolerances assure your flatness, parallelism, and size requirements will be met. Multiple grades of steel and aluminum can be ground to your specifications. Blanchard (rotary) grinding is available with up to a 160” diagonal, along with surface (reciprocate) grinding up to 60” by 80”.



Cylindrical Grinding & Machining

Combining state-of-the-art machinery and workholding with toolmaker expertise, Superior Die Set offers an unrivaled lineup of Custom Die Component services, including:

  • Between center, thru-feed and in-feed centerless grinding
  • Internal and surface grinding
  • Form grinding, honing, and hard turning of materials up to 65 Rc
  • 4 axis machining, Wire EDM and small hole ED drilling
  • In-house Induction Hardening and Heat Treatment – in-stock selection of carbon and bearing steel, stainless, tool steel, high alloy, aluminum, bronze, and more.
Dual Spindle Milling

Superior Die Set has two Quick-Mill’s that accurately machines the edges of plates to within .002” TIR with a maximum capacity of 16” high x 48” square. The dual spindle action rapidly removes material on two opposing edges, then indexes 90 degrees and completes the process so that all 4 sides are milled square and parallel. The micro finish produced by this machine is better than most ground finishes, typically surpassing 32 Ra. We can even square plates much larger than 48” on our typical horizontal centers.


Special Machining

Housing over 25 machining centers – with horizontal capacity up to 90″ x 180″, and vertical capacity up to 22′ long. Superior can perform a spectrum of operations like pockets, key ways, drilling and boring to the strictest of tolerances. With our gun-drilling capabilities, deep holes can be drilled up to 39″.



Engineering Services

Draw on Superior’s over 90 years of diverse manufacturing experience to assist you with product design and development.



View our vast array of high-performance product manufacturing capabilities. 

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