Process innovation drives custom, rapid-response manufacturing solutions

Despite the rise in popularity of outsourcing in the manufacturing industry over the past few decades, Superior Die Set Corporation has chosen to keep production right where it’s been for almost a century – in house.

Rather than looking for a quick-fix to cut upfront costs, we focus on maintaining quality and efficiency, streamlining processes and delivering a wide range of standard to custom solutions – faster. We stock our own materials, make our own parts and track the entire process, saving time, maximizing value and minimizing liability. That’s how we compete.

While other manufacturers are waiting for steel or components to arrive, we’re already making product – fulfilling orders with shorter lead times and tighter deadlines. Applying our innovative in-house processes to everything we do enables us to meet the broad manufacturing needs of a variety of customers across a wide range of industries.

Superior Team

Superior Die Set Corporation is a fourth generation, family-owned manufacturer of steel and aluminum products for the metal stamping, plastic injection molding, and forging industries along with fabrications used in machine tools, construction, and press automation since 1923. Located in Oak Creek, WI, Superior provides full in-house production capabilities, creating a cost-effective and streamlined process.

Worldwide, Superior Die Set employs nearly 500 people for the manufacturing, sourcing, and support of the metalworking industries through two subsidiaries: Greendale Precision Services ( and ProPlastica (


These two subsidiaries round-out the Superior Die Set global team:




Our growing presence in the mold and die industry in Europe.

A true value-adding supplier, specializing in punches, DC53 material, mold components and medical components.

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