TOOLOX 44® - Now A Tempered Tool Steel for Molds, Die Cast Dies and More

Toolox 44 Quenched and Tempered Tool Steel


This NOMINAL 45 HRC steel is designed to have high impact and low residual stresses while providing good dimensional stability. Toolox 44® is easy to machine and is particularly suitable for manufacturing of plastic molds because it can be polished and etched with very good results. Great for guide rails, bending tools when very stable materials are required. Available in plate thicknesses between .200" to 5 1/8 inches. IDEAL FOR: Plastic Molds
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TOOLOX 44 Mill Machining

TOOLOX 44 Drill Machining

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TOOLOX 44 Usage and Technical Information


TOOLOX44 ® is the registered trademark for tool steels produced by SSAB Oxelosund AB


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